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dismissal / увольнение, освобождение, отставка
имя существительное
dismissal, discharge, sacking, leave, separation, ouster
release, liberation, exemption, emancipation, relief, dismissal
resignation, resign, retirement, dismissal, dismission
имя существительное
the act of ordering or allowing someone to leave.
their controversial dismissal from the competition
the act of treating something as unworthy of serious consideration; rejection.
the government's dismissal of the report
Marston bowed, hearing a dismissal in the kings words.
As with O'Reilly, offhand dismissal of critics is not a good practice for any business, organization, group, or individual.
Craig Skinner, back at City after winning an appeal against his dismissal by the club, played the full 90 minutes.
For Whittingham, the manner of her dismissal still haunts her.
"Now you're just being annoying," grumbled Simon Cowell as Andy refused to accept his dismissal .
I saw him pause, his forehead furrowing at her dismissal of me.
But, after the dismissal of Adams early in the second half, Saints came back with goals from Keigan Parker and Momo Sylla.
their controversial dismissal from the competition
His dismissal in October followed a complaint from a patient.
Both have been unsuccessful in their claims for unfair dismissal .