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dismember / расчленять, делить на части, разрывать на части
dismember, break down, partition, disarticulate, cut open, disjoint
делить на части
split, slice, parcel, section, intersect, dismember
разрывать на части
tear asunder, dismember
cut off the limbs of (a person or animal).
I can picture you in a white jacket dismembering rats
the winning powers of World War I set out to dismember the Ottoman Empire
In the past, the gang has threatened to kidnap and dismember the boy.
In hospitals, doctors dismember their patients.
he watched a doctor dismember the body
The decision to dismember the body and deposit the parts in Galveston Bay, is highly incriminating.
A very straightforward narrative told with understated cinematic technique, this is not an excuse to show off how cool it can be to dismember a character using computer graphics.
Russia intended to dismember the Ottoman Empire
He also dismembers victims and attaches their limbs to car batteries to make them twitch.
After World War I, England and France dismembered the Ottoman Empire and carved out Iraq and other states as pawns of European colonial interests.
Take a pile of mystery keys, dismembered action figures, dead flashlights, assorted calculators and undeveloped rolls of film.