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dismantle / демонтировать, разбирать, снимать
dismantle, disassemble, demount, strip, unmake
make out, dismantle, analyze, sort, sort out, handle
remove, take off, take, photograph, take down, dismantle
undress, strip, disrobe, peel, unclothe, dismantle
tear, pluck, tear off, frustrate, disrupt, dismantle
take (a machine or structure) to pieces.
the engines were dismantled and the bits piled into a heap
To dismantle the alarm box and break through these very solid security doors will have taken a lot of time, effort and skill.
City officials originally requested that owners of these establishments voluntarily dismantle the offending structures.
So, yesterday, Graham tackled the job of dismantling the frame, pulling out the old mount, and putting a new one in its place.
The chimney, built in the late 1800s, was due to be demolished by dismantling it brick by brick.
Instead of stacking them in cupboards, we're supposed to wipe the memories and then phone the computer dismantlers , who'll take them away and turn them into something useful.
The old scoreboard was dismantled recently and will be replaced by a new electronic one in the next few weeks.
They set about dismantling the old whaling station and raised the Argentine flag.
Imagine dismantling an expensive film set that has not come out to the expectations of the art director.
By definition, all parts are used, so there is some element of risk, but most dismantlers will now give a warranty, typically one to three months.
The regime has been dismantling land reforms brought in during the 1950s and 1960s.