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disloyal / нелояльный, вероломный, предательский
имя прилагательное
disloyal, disaffected
treacherous, perfidious, faithless, traitorous, unfaithful, disloyal
treacherous, traitorous, telltale, perfidious, renegade, disloyal
имя прилагательное
failing to be loyal to a person, country, or body to which one has obligations.
she felt that inquiring into her father's past would be disloyal to her mother
Ambitious, treacherous, and disloyal to his elder brother Llywelyn, he allowed himself to be manipulated by English kings.
On the other hand, such criticism can readily be cast as disloyal .
I have never been disloyal to him, because he has always done the business for me and Holland.
But his obsession with not wanting to be disloyal to the leader is hurting him vis- vis the other contenders on the ground game.
They violate agreements and are disloyal to the treaties they have signed.
Few of you, because you agreed with her actions, thought about how she was disloyal to her employer.
Clark tried not to entertain the disloyal thought that that might not be such a bad thing after all.
A fellow journalist told me the other day that he admires Powell for making his disagreement clear without being publicly disloyal to the president.
Armitage has been fighting for balance within the interagency process for some time - and for that is probably considered disloyal to the President.
Officials are managing to shift the spotlight shift away from their failings, while the crew themselves are now being targeted as disloyal to a colleague who tried her hardest and came up short.