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dislocation / дислокация, вывих, смещение
имя существительное
dislocation, disposition, location, leap, disturbance
dislocation, luxation, twist, wrench, contortion
bias, offset, displacement, removal, dislocation, translation
имя существительное
disturbance from a proper, original, or usual place or state.
he fell prey to loneliness and a wrenching sense of dislocation
Society today is experiencing a sense of dislocation , with the end of almost two centuries of class politics and the traditional institutions and social structures that went with them.
It is a modern, mass movement originating in the social distress and dislocation created by capitalist crisis.
The figures are not surprising, and probably explain the growing sense of dislocation from British society I've had for the last five years or so.
Common abnormalities, which include loss of extension and loss of flexion, may indicate old elbow injury, dislocation , fractures, etc.
Family dislocation has obvious social and emotional costs, especially for the children who lose a parent and often a source of income.
Patients with fracture of the proximal or medial clavicle often have concomitant posterior dislocation of the sternoclavicular joint.
The Second World War caused great economic and social dislocation and created a mood for political change.
Ultimately, most crime arises not from greedy human nature, but from privation and the social dislocation that accompanies it.
Congenital hip dislocation occurs when the round upper end of the thigh bone doesn't sit inside the socket of the pelvis properly.
These potential complications include embolus, pneumonia, infection, joint dislocation , or deep vein thrombosis.