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dislocate / вывихнуть, нарушать, смещать
dislocate, disjoint, splay, luxate, turn, put out
violate, break, disturb, infringe, breach, dislocate
displace, remove, depose, dislodge, dislocate, translocate
disturb the normal arrangement or position of (something, typically a joint in the body).
he dislocated his shoulder in training
You can dislocate your jaws and wrest your hands out of their joints, they still haven't understood you and will never understand you.
By that, I mean, ‘Is it actually possible to dislocate the shoulder joint by applying extreme forces?’
Our keys to victory have been our ability to disrupt enemy communications, dislocate his plans, and degrade his forces through air superiority, as well as our seemingly limitless logistics resources.
You press a certain spot in the back of the neck and dislocate their bone.
You know, the kind of cat-walk where you're constantly worried she might dislocate her hip joints.
The high-and-tight fastball fractured Conigliaro's cheekbone, dislocated his jaw, and damaged his left eye and eye socket.
Our lives are routinely disrupted, our work dislocated .
This rapid maneuver causes surprise, disorientation, and psychologically dislocates the enemy, which disrupts his plans and will.
Also, isolation through moving to urban centres means many Maori have been dislocated from vital support networks.
War also clearly disrupted and dislocated international economic relations and pushed national economies away from specialization.