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dislike / неприязнь, нелюбовь, антипатия
имя существительное
dislike, distaste, enmity, disaffection, objection, spite
dislike, objection
antipathy, aversion, dislike, repulsion, repugnance
не любить
dislike, loathe, object, bar, abominate, disrelish
испытывать неприязнь
dislike, distaste
имя существительное
a feeling of distaste or hostility.
despite her dislike of publicity, she was quite a celebrated figure
feel distaste for or hostility toward.
he was not distressed by the death of a man he had always disliked
Despite his violent dislike for the school and its inhabitants he was starting to get the hang of how things worked.
But it has been written by Peter Kosminsky, who makes no secret of his dislike of the fourth estate.
Joshua's dark eyes widened, but he stood his ground, despite my apparent dislike .
Despite her inner ramblings, the door slithered open, to her huge dislike and distaste.
What makes him stand apart from the crowd, is his dislike of claiming publicity for any deed he has done.
I do not think I am very capable of hate, but it was definitely a strong feeling of dislike and repulsion.
Despite his simulated dislike of women, he is clearly highly susceptible.
they had taken a dislike to each other
they had taken a dislike to each other
The menu was the usual long list of things that sound rude and which you can't remember whether you just dislike or really loathe.