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diskette / дискета
имя существительное
diskette, floppy disk, floppy
If you have a diskette in the floppy drive, the eject button extends rather far, preventing you from storing a disk in the drive while the computer is in its carrying case.
Using the software is easy - insert the self-booting diskette into drive A, then turn on or reboot the computer.
On the downside, MS-DOS is now so well hidden that it's a bit of an uphill task to create a boot diskette for tasks such as BIOS updating.
Always take the opportunity to make a boot diskette when Linux gives you that option.
A diskette was in the drive, and could not be read or removed.
Although this is an article about remote Linux, and a diskette is a local media, there is a hybrid of remote booting that is so important it must be mentioned.
The installation step continues with password setup and some recommendations such as creating a boot diskette .
CD-ROMs, diskettes , and network-based delivery to terminals and workstations have been available for at least 20 years.
These floppy diskettes while a blessing relative to earlier technology had limited storage capacity and were easily scratched causing them to lose information that may have taken days to retype.
The first disk drives used 8’ floppy diskettes with a storage capacity of less than 100 kilobytes.