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disk / диск, круг, магнитный диск
имя существительное
disk, disc, dial, blade, discus, turntable
circle, range, round, lap, disk, disc
магнитный диск
disk, disc
имя прилагательное
disk, disc, circular
disk, disc
disk, disc
имя существительное
a flat, thin, round object.
heavy metal disks the size of hockey pucks
a shape or surface that is round and flat in appearance.
the smudged yellow disk of the moon
a roundish, flattened part in an animal or plant, in particular.
Unfortunately, many conclusions about growth and respiration are based on measurements of single leaves, leaf disks or mature plant parts.
cultivate (a field) with a disk harrow.
To prepare the land, Lou mows down the scrub weed trees and remnant sugar cane where they plan to plant and then a neighboring farmer is hired to disk the ground.
The hard disk data, however, is accessed on a tiny spinning disk inside the thin card.
A flat, thin disk was in the middle of the bracelet and on one side had only one word.
fixed disk
Web pages can also be saved to disk from Netscape or the Windows version of Internet Explorer.
The data representing the effective image size on the disk are rewritten in response to an entered alteration command.
When machine seeding, plant in a shallow furrow or spread seeds out and disk them into the soil.
I have it on disk
The operating system and disk subsystems will not be optimized for file serving.
onion soup ladled over a disk of cheese
Because of this, companies have not been able to optimize their use of disk for data protection.