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disjunctive / разделительный союз, дизъюнктивное суждение, альтернатива
имя существительное
разделительный союз
disjunctive, disjunctive conjunction
дизъюнктивное суждение
alternative, choice, disjunctive
имя прилагательное
disconnecting, separating, disjunctive, dissociative
alternative, disjunctive
separating, dividing, parting, divisive, division, disjunctive
имя прилагательное
lacking connection.
the novel's disjunctive detail
(of a conjunction) expressing a choice between two mutually exclusive possibilities, for example or in she asked if he was going or staying.
You could object a bit to the way the disjunctive choice is set up.
имя существительное
a disjunctive conjunction or other word.
The intensity of the disjunctive which any particular H conveys is dependent upon its context.
Creationists are thus accused of the fallacy of false alternatives, that is, the disjunctive premise leaves out a possible alternative.
This is an algebraic expression of the disjunctive normal form theorem of sentential logic.
The inference rule of disjunctive syllogism, while truth-preserving, is not falsity-avoiding.
All three articles attempt to clarify the determinate-determinable relation by explaining the nature of disjunctive and conjunctive predicates.
He also discusses the disjunctive propositions which follow from a conditional proposition.
The allusions are swift, the collisions reminiscent of the ‘ply over ply’ technique of Ezra Pound's Cantos, but to more disjunctive ends.
Though historical scholarship (or at least something akin to that) was not entirely unknown in South Asia, the history the colonial historians produced was disjunctive with the constructions of the past the South Asians knew.
The difference - the fundamental difference between theater acting and film acting is that film acting is disjunctive .
In these later works, the two elements are physically disjunctive .
Some philosophers suggest that there is an important logical difference between disjunctive predicates, on the one hand, and disjunctive properties or universals, on the other.