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disjunction / дизъюнкция, разъединение, разделение
имя существительное
disjunction, or
disconnection, separation, release, dissociation, detachment, disjunction
separation, division, divide, partition, segregation, disjunction
имя существительное
a lack of correspondence or consistency.
there is a disjunction between the skills taught in education and those demanded in the labor market
the relationship between two distinct alternatives.
For degrees of truth, disjunction is a truth function.
Well the worst that could happen is that the amendment would in fact result in a disjunction between Australian law and the actual terms of the Free Trade Agreement.
Thus, classically, disjunction is semantically interpreted as a binary truth-function from the set of pairs of truth-values to the set { 0, 1 }.
Yet, viewed in a wider perspective, particularly in comparison with the United States, France, or West Germany, it is the disjunction between local and national politics in Britain that is so striking.
Yet as Muller notes, the disjunction between intentions and outcomes ‘continues to make moralists queasy’.
This disjunction between culture and nature is a source of some of the most enduring paradoxes in Australian settler society.
In a statement of the form, the two statements joined together, and, are called the disjuncts, and the whole statement is called a disjunction .
By referring to a dichotomous tree, this writer shows how to choose the proper disjunction relative to the terms in the disjuncts.
In education we find the same disjunction between Aborigines who have moved into mainstream Australia and those still living in the remote communities.
Would not such a disjunction between achievement and status have made the notion of grace as an unmerited gift more attractive than can be the case among wage-earners today?
Equally important has been the disjunction between the nation and the state in India, in sharp contrast with the western nation states during the origin of political democracy.