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disjunct / разобщенный, разъединенный
имя прилагательное
disjunct, disjoined, disengaged, dissociated, estranged, insulate
disconnected, disjointed, disengaged, disjunct, discrete, disjoined
имя прилагательное
disjoined and distinct from one another.
these items of evidence are just phrases and clauses, often wildly disjunct
имя существительное
each of the terms of a disjunctive proposition.
By referring to a dichotomous tree, Tusi shows how to choose the proper disjunction relative to the terms in the disjuncts .
Similar disjunct distributions are known in other species, however, it is unclear in this case if the gap in the distribution is real or an artifact of collecting effort.
Somewhere between these two extremes lies the investigation of disjunct traits that have a similar metabolic origin, for example, multiple white plumage patches on different body parts.
It is a civic hub in what was previously a disjunct part of the city.
Along the precipitous slopes of the upper Yangtze Gorge, dwarf blue sheep and blue sheep occupy disjunct habitats separated by a belt of subtropical forest.
A disjunct expresses the speaker or writer's attitude to what is being described in the sentence.
The piece moves so quickly from one disjunct fragment to the next that the resulting work couldn't be thought of as jazz, but only postmodern pastiche.
The basic explanations offered for endangerment are habitat destruction or fragmentation, the impact of non-native animals and plants, and small and disjunct population sizes.
Another possibility is that the present disjunct distributions are merely relicts of a former contiguous or near-contiguous distribution.
The disjunct distribution of the infection in Pacific islands and the Amazon basin has been used as medical evidence of pre-Columbian contact between Polynesians and South Americans.
For example, some of the higher, faster, disjunct passages in the scherzo are quite awkward to play in the ‘leggiero’ manner indicated.