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disjointed / расчлененный, несвязный, разъединенный
имя прилагательное
incoherent, disjointed, desultory, inconsequential
disconnected, disjointed, disengaged, disjunct, discrete, disjoined
имя прилагательное
lacking a coherent sequence or connection.
piecing together disjointed fragments of information
disturb the cohesion or organization of.
the loss of the area disjointed military plans
I sobbed loudly, not caring who I woke up, speaking into the dark emptiness of my room, forming disjointed sentences and unconnected thoughts.
Advocates of the proposal - mostly federally chartered banks - contend the move would simplify the disjointed and confusing home-buying process.
The narrative also jumps between miscellaneous angles and points of view, creating a portrait that is necessarily disjointed and patchy.
The film is so over-populated with characters (many of whom don't need to be there) that it frequently feels disjointed and incoherent, thereby undermining the overall enjoyment.
The events of the past few days swam through Robby's head in one disjointed , jumbled mess, and he could find no perspective on any of it whatsoever.
Beyond the Nixon saga, the book consists mostly of disjointed ramblings about assassination plots.
File this one under disjointed ramblings and let me recover in peace…
The plan which we will publish will not be a collection of disjointed projects with no connecting logic.
The first 20 minutes seem disjointed and unconnected.
But the story is presented in a disjointed series of confusing flashbacks that work too hard to logically explain an ultimately illogical premise.