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disjoin / разъединять, разобщать
disconnect, sever, dissociate, divide, separate, disjoin
release, disunite, disconnect, estrange, dissociate, disjoin
separate; take or come apart.
the paired chromosomes fail to separate or disjoin during cell division
Hence, many of the Surrealist images disjoin scenes of beauty delimited by the intrusion of an otherworldly ‘thing’.
The most obvious hybrid views simply conjoin or disjoin the probability and process views.
However, if you disjoin consumption and expenditure behavior from income and revenue behavior, interesting effects can occur.
The fourth chromosomes often disjoin slightly before the other bivalents.
the paired chromosomes fail to separate or disjoin during cell division
The Territories are not disjoined ; they are not satellites of the Commonwealth.
Secrecy internalizes time and so fixes it in such a way that it disjoins with the present.
Their implications would be only an embarrassing distraction, oddly disjoined from the prevailing paths of technical investigation.
That's an example of a type of science that is fully on the level of particle physics and string theory intellectually but is quite disjoined from them.
This may sound obvious, but some interviews are a disjoined bunch of questions that leave obvious follow-up points hanging in the air.