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disinterest / отсутствие интереса, равнодушие, безразличие
имя существительное
отсутствие интереса
indifference, disregard, disinterest, aloofness, unconcern, nonchalance
indifference, apathy, disinterest, unconcern, nonchalance, insouciance
имя существительное
the state of not being influenced by personal involvement in something; impartiality.
I do not claim any scholarly disinterest with this book
lack of interest in something.
he chided Dennis for his disinterest in anything that is not his own idea
Students gave many reasons for their disinterest .
That's because the fault lies with the education system and so one will have to look deep down and find out what's causing this disinterest and hatred towards academics.
In fact, I think the word I'm looking for is disinterest , in the sense of impartiality.
Let's bring back some healthy disinterest into governing.
In part it is governed by familiarity breeding disinterest , if not contempt.
As Brynor neared, he glanced at each of us in turn with the casual, detached disinterest of a scientist examining a particularly repulsive insect.
This combination of disinterest and absolute power slowly cripples the actual goal of having an easily accessible and open network available.
A hand propping up his head shows his disinterest in the conversation.
I'm used to people looking at me in loathing or disinterest .
Despite asking for the manager and reiterating my claim to them I was met with utter disinterest .