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disinformation / дезинформация
имя существительное
disinformation, misinformation
имя существительное
false information that is intended to mislead, especially propaganda issued by a government organization to a rival power or the media.
It is their sneaky methods, of propaganda, disinformation and manipulation of intelligence.
a government inspired disinformation campaign
How could the press or the citizenry distinguish between information and disinformation ?
Employers' group Ibec has insisted that a campaign of disinformation is under way.
It is full of misinformation, disinformation , noninformation, and just plain lies.
Language, the use of words, and how information and disinformation is handled, can be crucial to the twists and turns of history.
The misinformation and disinformation that is circulated makes it impossible for any fair-minded commentator to take sides in the issue.
What kind of people would use a grieving First Lady to unwittingly spread disinformation and to raise false hopes?
And all kinds of information that has really been disinformation about it has really proven false.
This would mean dropping in a new nugget of information - or disinformation .
I navigate my way through the morass of information and disinformation .