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disinfectant / дезинфицирующее средство
имя существительное
дезинфицирующее средство
имя прилагательное
disinfectant, disinfecting, fumigating, fumigatory
имя прилагательное
causing the destruction of bacteria.
cleansing and disinfectant products
имя существительное
a chemical liquid that destroys bacteria.
Avoid strong odors from paint, perfume, hair spray, disinfectants , chemical cleaners, air fresheners, and glues.
It will not only keep your bathroom and toilet fragrant and fresh, its disinfectant qualities will clear bacteria and viruses.
It is also thought that chlorophyll has disinfectant properties that can mitigate breath and body odors and help to improve a variety of skin conditions.
He groped behind him for the kit and pulled out a disinfectant cloth, gently wiping at the wound.
In his parish duties as vicar of Helmsley, Mr Wilbourne has become used to the disinfectant foot and vehicle mats as he travels about by bicycle.
I'm talking about soap, detergent, sponges, mops, dusters, disinfectant wipes, and so on.
Wipe surfaces with a disinfectant cloth on a regular basis.
Their natural disinfectant properties will help to control airborne bacteria and viruses that are prevalent during winter.
Pocketing extra bandage and disinfectant salve, I eased my way to the door he had exited through.
The acetic acid in vinegar has a disinfectant effect, so that vinegar is a better preservative than other acid liquids of the same strength.
And when we're libeled or defamed, we use the disinfectant power of the press to correct the record instead of libel attorneys.