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disinfect / дезинфицировать
disinfect, sanitize, cleanse, fumigate, asepticize
clean (something) with a disinfectant in order to destroy bacteria.
he disinfected and dressed the cut on his forehead
Be sure to properly clean the wall and disinfect it against fungus, mildew and bacterial growth.
For optimum household cleanliness and health, clean and disinfect your shower stalls and glass shower doors at least once a week.
Clean and disinfect toilets after they're used by the person with diarrhea.
Clean and disinfect the environment, frequently in affected wards and particularly in wards reopening to new admissions
Offences include a lack of foot baths available at farms and a failure to properly clean and disinfect vehicles.
Nevertheless, the cost to clean up and disinfect farms in Dumfries and Galloway was 39,000 per farm.
The plan is still under discussion, but the idea is to move people temporarily to tent camps while workers clean and disinfect one neighbourhood at a time.
Today doctors use medicinal maggots to clean wounds by dissolving dead tissue and to disinfect them by killing bacteria.
She uses a solution of equal parts vinegar and water to cut grease, keep kitchen windows clean, and disinfect counters.
Clean and disinfect the hot zones in your home - the kitchen and bathroom - on a regular basis.