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disinclined / лишать желания, отбивать охоту, не чувствовать склонности
лишать желания
отбивать охоту
discourage, disincline
не чувствовать склонности
имя прилагательное
unwilling; reluctant.
the rural community was disinclined to abandon the old ways
Even if I hadn't become fabulously annoyed with the show last season, I'd be disinclined to watch it this year.
Understandably, I have some reservations about getting drunk with my passport and visa with me, so I am disinclined to take them.
For the rest, the hand emerges abruptly from the kiosk without greeting or acknowledgement, and one is then disinclined to be pleasant in return.
And the rich seem disinclined to do anything about it.
He was a quiet fellow, disinclined to tell anecdotes or bask in the refracted glow of a Hollywood account.
The news made me disinclined to spend another night in the park.
He would be disinclined to burn them; he could not publish them.
All parties and institutions are affected by a climate of cynicism and mistrust in which society is disinclined to believe whatever it is told by authorities and experts.
Then there are issues, of which I know nothing, because I'm disinclined to submit to a higher level of security clearance.
It turns out I do have wisdom teeth, but they're of a shy disposition and are disinclined to pop up the way they're supposed to.