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disillusioned / разочарованный
имя прилагательное
disappointed, disillusioned
имя прилагательное
disappointed in someone or something that one discovers to be less good than one had believed.
the minority groups were completely disillusioned with the party
cause (someone) to realize that a belief or an ideal is false.
if they think we have a magic formula to solve the problem, don't disillusion them
It's time to reach out to the increasing number of disenfranchised and disillusioned Americans.
I don't deny there is a problem with people being disillusioned .
One dissatisfied customer leads to many disillusioned persons who will never come into your store.
If he was disillusioned , Walsh said, it was because so few share his belief that sportswriters are not engaging in real battles.
They have won just once and many disillusioned fans are wondering just where the next victory will come.
Those players left disillusioned by summer after summer of defeats were given a reason to give it one more shot.
Or has this seemingly complicated young man simply become disillusioned and lost interest?
It is distressingly easy to become disillusioned and cynical while working on a development aid project.
People are very disillusioned and frustrated at the way the Government has carried on its business.
What are you going to do to get disillusioned voters back?