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disheveled / растрепанный, взъерошенный, всклокоченный
имя прилагательное
disheveled, uncombed, blowzy, wild, blowsy, dishevelled
disheveled, dishevelled
disheveled, straggly, dishevelled
имя прилагательное
(of a person's hair, clothes, or appearance) untidy; disordered.
a man with long, disheveled hair
I caught sight of myself in his rear view mirror, and grumbled at my disheveled appearance.
He didn't waste any time on saying how pleased he was to see me, or to ask what kind of a trip I had had, although one look at my disheveled appearance must have given him a good idea!
She twirled a strand of her long hair and smirked at my disheveled appearance.
He is a man in his mid-twenties, with disheveled hair and a pleasant expression.
The small apartment reflected the same disheveled appearance as it's occupant; dirty and smelly.
We received a few strange looks at our disheveled appearances, but I knew for now that I wouldn't be left to meet them alone.
Running a hand through my disheveled hair, I upturned the bag and emptied its contents onto my bedspread.
In addition, they have a rough coat that gives them a disheveled appearance.
I was too stunned to make an effort to piece together my disheveled appearance.
Straightening his disheveled appearance, Edmund made his way down to the beach to greet them.