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dishearten / приводить в уныние, расхолаживать
приводить в уныние
dishearten, depress, dispirit, dismay, chill, flatten
discourage, chill, dishearten, cast a chill
cause (someone) to lose determination or confidence.
the farmer was disheartened by the damage to his crops
The very image of the desolated metropolis was enough to dishearten me before I even entered the city itself.
When I arrived at the set wearing a new chocolate-brown, button-up T-shirt and brown, leather clogs, I was determined not to let anyone or anything dishearten me.
I am so disheartened at the slurs and insults that have been hurled at those people who accept free lunch for their kids.
I have no idea what the tale is here, but something's amiss, and I was disheartened by the result.
Some disturbing news regarding misuse and exploitation of the tsunami donations are cropping up which disheartens me a lot.
The main question I want to pose in the remainder of this essay is this: do these elements of the novel constitute a response to the private and public events that it so powerfully and dishearteningly presents in its central narrative?
Despite the elbow injury, he said he is not disheartened by the setback.
If that sounds just a little bitter, she maintains that she wasn't disheartened .
Sorin frowned and shook his head dishearteningly .
It is with his warm, kind eyes more than his alert disposition or his physical resourcefulness that he conveys Clive's simultaneous disheartenment and delectation at encountering so denuded a piece of work.