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dishcloth / посудное полотенце, кухонное полотенце, тряпка для мытья посуды
имя существительное
посудное полотенце
dishcloth, dishrag
кухонное полотенце
dishcloth, dishrag
тряпка для мытья посуды
washcloth, dishcloth, dishrag
имя существительное
a cloth for washing or drying dishes.
We pass rubber trees with coconut shells collecting the sticky sap, and washing lines with sheets of rubber hanging up like old dishcloths .
Alfred picks up a dishcloth and wipes his hands.
Debbie snatched a dishcloth from the sink and began wiping the counter.
She picked up the dishcloth and started to wipe the plates, stacking them in neat piles of 5.
Use a soft dishcloth and a drop of mild detergent.
The fast food company has launched an investigation after a mother claimed she found a dirty dishcloth in a burger box.
Shape the dough into a ball, and leave to rise in the mixing bowl covered with a dishcloth for 1 hour.
His eyes never left Stevens as he slowly and deliberately wiped his hands on the dishcloth .
I spent little time at school because of my illness - but I can still weave a great basket and knit a good dishcloth !
She whirls into the room, waving what looks like an old dishcloth .
Inside, Lewis was half-heartedly pretending to clean up, brushing things to one side with a dishcloth and humming tunelessly to himself.