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disharmony / дисгармония, несоответствие, диссонанс
имя существительное
disharmony, jar
discrepancy, disparity, nonconformity, nonconformance, imbalance, disharmony
dissonance, discord, discordant note, discordance, disharmony, jarring
имя существительное
lack of harmony or agreement.
On the other hand, disharmony or lack of cooperation among these institutions caused the regular army enormous difficulties.
Partition politics is the product of communal disharmony .
They are hell bent on creating division and disharmony .
Western science has no place for religion and it sets the scene therefore for disharmony and discordance with it.
The golfing spree is feared to further deepen the social disharmony between the haves and have-nots.
The attack, on the contrary, showed a streak of disharmony and inconsistency.
It releases negativity and disharmony and brings balance and health.
Like music, gaming can produce harmony with good time management or disharmony through poor use of time.
It is a recipe for disaster and disharmony in every way.
While snoring does not cause serious health problems, it can causes marital disharmony .
This situation has created disharmony , confusion and chaos.