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dish / блюдо, тарелка, кушанье
имя существительное
dish, course, mess
plate, dish, cap
dish, mess
outwit, outsmart, euchre, outmaneuver, circumvent, dish
buckle, dish, dish out, incurve, camber
класть на блюдо
имя существительное
a shallow, typically flat-bottomed container for cooking or serving food.
an ovenproof dish
a sexually attractive person.
I gather she's quite a dish
information that is not generally known or available.
if he has the real dish I wish he'd tell us
concavity of a spoked wheel resulting from a difference in spoke tension on each side and consequent sideways displacement of the rim in relation to the hub.
This won't work because the wheel will end up way out of dish and the tire will likely rub the kickstand-side chainstay.
put (food) onto a plate or plates before a meal.
Steve was dishing up vegetables
utterly destroy, confound, or defeat (someone or something).
The newspaper supported the war, but this is a chance to dish the government on grounds of spin.
give concavity to (a wheel) by tensioning the spokes.
The geometry stays the same and the rear wheel is dished exactly as the standard setup.
With the retirement of the old professor, the observatory was going to be turned into a museum, as soon as the new radar dish was completed.
I gather he's quite a dish
For a main dish bake a pie with pumpkin, yam and potato.
you can dish it out but you can't take it
A general rule is two-to-three counter accessories, such as a tooth brush holder, cup holder and soap dish .
When the chicken is cooked, remove the roasting dish from the oven, and transfer the chicken onto a serving dish .
Because of this, his new friend had used the soap dish as an impromptu ashtray.
He's not that handy, but he does know how to position the motor coach so the satellite TV dish will work.
groups gather to brag about babies and dish about romances
Not only does this make the rear stiff but the 160 mm hub also builds a stronger, no dish wheel with a perfect chain-line for great shifting.