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disgraceful / позорный, постыдный, бесчестный
имя прилагательное
shameful, disgraceful, infamous, scandal, dishonorable, scandalous
shameful, disgraceful, infamous, disreputable, ignoble, ignominious
dishonorable, disgraceful, nefarious, infamous, foul, ignominious
имя прилагательное
shockingly unacceptable.
a disgraceful waste of money
They say the increases are disgraceful , claiming price rises have not led to any improvement in the service.
One can but hope that this disgraceful conduct will not occur next year.
To smear them for performing this role is disgusting, disgraceful and dangerous.
Sport isn't supposed to be this way, angry and pitiful and disgraceful .
They have also left the road in a disgraceful state, with loose stones all over it.
The sound quality is disgraceful , the image blurry and the editing dreadful.
The disgraceful attitude of these officers brings shame and embarrassment to all.
We need to stand up like decent people and admit to our disgraceful history.
The more information that is uncovered by the regulators, the more disgraceful the affair becomes.
disgraceful behaviour