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disgrace / позор, немилость, бесчестие
имя существительное
disgrace, shame, dishonor, infamy, ignominy, stigma
disgrace, disfavor, disfavour
dishonor, disgrace, dishonour
disgrace, shame, dishonor, discredit, defame, attaint
disgrace, bring to shame
имя существительное
loss of reputation or respect, especially as the result of a dishonorable action.
he left the army in disgrace
bring shame or discredit on (someone or something).
you have disgraced the family name
But the fugitives were captured at Varennes, and brought back to Paris in disgrace .
It is hateful, shameful and a disgrace to all when it is used unintelligently.
However, more people than you could ever dream of find you utterly abhorrent and a disgrace to this country.
He was in disgrace in 1552 and degraded from the Garter, but restored to favour by Mary, whom he served as lord privy seal.
But dismissed in disgrace nearly 10 years ago, he is using his influence and contacts to make a return from exile.
I have always believed in fair play and in justice; and those sorts of shootings were a disgrace to any civilised community.
The magazine is a disgrace to our neighborhood, minorities or not, and is insulting to our intelligence. and the design is terrible.
On various matters, they helped set the stage for the scandalous behavior of John and other high-fliers now in disgrace .
It was considered a disgrace to have a pauper's funeral, hence the need for a community hearse.
he's a disgrace to the legal profession