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disgorge / извергать, изрыгать, разгружаться
erupt, regurgitate, spout, disgorge, throw up, vomit
spew, belch, belch out, disgorge, belch forth, regorge
unload, disgorge
cause to pour out.
the combine disgorged a steady stream of grain
remove the sediment from (a sparkling wine) after fermentation.
the wine is aged in the bottle before it is disgorged
Nor do they disgorge millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide - one of the main causes of the climate chaos that is triggering floods, storms and droughts around the world.
Australian ocean freighters disgorge tons of iron ore onto conveyor belts leading to a 105-meter-high blast furnace.
He singularly fails to mention the fact that this ban was implemented following protests from the green lobby that the funicular would disgorge hundred of thousands into an easily damaged alpine environment.
The frigatebirds swoop down from above to pursue the target, pulling at the bird's wings or tail, in an attempt to force the bird to disgorge and drop its prey items.
After inviting the tourists to disgorge from the coach and experience the scenery, he was stunned by their reaction.
Through the summer buses disgorge day trippers and sightseer's cars choke the narrow streets.
He tried to disgorge thoughts of Kira, to focus on where he was going and what he had to do.
Thus the fiduciary must disgorge the profit that he makes as a fiduciary without the informed consent of his principal and the fact that if the principal had been asked he would have agreed is irrelevant.
they were made to disgorge all the profits made from the record
When his abdomen left nothing to disgorge , he straightened himself up and spat, trying to get rid of the unpleasant aftertaste in his mouth.