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disfigurement / обезображивание, уродство, физический недостаток
имя существительное
disfigurement, disfiguration, deformation, defacement
ugliness, deformity, malformation, monstrosity, disfigurement, eyesore
физический недостаток
handicap, disfigurement, infirmity, disfiguration
имя существительное
the action of spoiling the appearance of something or someone; defacement.
the disfigurement of this very pleasant area
the disfigurement of this very pleasant area
Your GP can prescribe camouflage creams to mask disfigurement of the skin.
a severe facial disfigurement
It was his way of preparing me for a life of disfigurement .
Given the choice of life or a facial disfigurement , for most people there is only one answer.
Nobody has poor teeth or ugly hair or physical disfigurement of any kind.
Chang first came to Taiwan in 1992 to receive treatment for disfigurement caused by the disease.
It is no longer considered frivolous or vain to want to correct a blemish or facial disfigurement .
And in contrast to the claims by Walker, no evidence of deliberate disfigurement of the bodies was found.
At one point, her character turns away from Jonathan out of embarrassment of her disfigurement .