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disfigure / изуродовать, уродовать, портить
disfigure, mutilate, deform, cripple, deface, uglify
spoil, deteriorate, corrupt, ruin, mar, disfigure
spoil the attractiveness of.
litter disfigures the countryside
They are a blight on many city centres and disfigure urban life to an intolerable degree.
Later I was charged for ‘wounding with intent to maim and disfigure a person’ and bail was set at one thousand dollars.
And most residents are implacably opposed to the plan to disfigure our countryside with an immense powerline merely to satiate the electricity needs of the south of England.
She was told she would need radical and disfiguring surgery and was warned she might not be able to eat and talk properly again.
Workers are fully exposed to chemical toxins and hazardous machines, and suffer sickness, disfiguration , and death at the highest rates in world history.
Karen suffered facial and hand injuries, a broken leg and a ruptured bladder, and is likely to be permanently disfigured .
Severe inflammatory acne can cause disfiguring cysts and deep scars.
Our countryside remains disfigured by barbed wire, locked gates and threatening signs.
Even if he lived his injuries would leave deep scars, disfiguring him.
And it can cause disfiguration when done carelessly, bringing both mental and economic damage to the customer.