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disentangle / расхлебывать, распутывать, высвобождать
unravel, untangle, disentangle, untwine, ravel, decipher
liberate, free, disentangle, disengage
free (something or someone) from an entanglement; extricate.
“I must go,” she said, disentangling her fingers from Gabriel's
I would like to whizz down but I keep getting my hair caught so I have to stop, swearing as I disentangle it.
Apologies for the somewhat evident lack of focus, I was trying to decide whether I should take the picture or disentangle the cat from the tree… I did neither successfully!
it was difficult to disentangle fact from fiction
Unfortunately she could not disentangle herself from the rope as the knots were out of reach.
it was often difficult to disentangle fact from fiction
DNA is found in every cell of every living thing, but it is difficult to get it out and disentangle the DNA from the protein inside the cells.
She giggled and blushed, becoming less frightened and more excited as their hands moved from disentangling her hair to caressing her sensitive skin with their hands.
He threw his arms around her waist, and she placed a hand on his silky hair for a moment before disentangling herself gently.
Kara reached for the brush and started disentangling her hair, thinking about it.
That's roughly a year's cash flow, so the disentanglement might have some effect on the career prospects of those who put it together five years ago.