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disengagement / освобождение, естественность, высвобождение
имя существительное
release, liberation, exemption, emancipation, relief, disengagement
release, extrication, disengagement
имя существительное
the action or process of withdrawing from involvement in a particular activity, situation, or group.
their steady disengagement from politics and politicians
emotional detachment; objectivity.
contemporary criticism can afford neutral disengagement
Another factor is elite disengagement from military affairs.
Shall we call it withdrawal, disengagement , or re-deployment?
the mechanism prevents accidental disengagement
Emotional disengagement is often a later stage of continued gridlock.
The locking mechanism prevents an unintentional disengagement by shock, vibration or pulling the cable.
The EU also urged the fighting forces to start the disengagement of troops in terms of an earlier agreement.
The report warned that action was ‘necessary to address employee disengagement from the collective bargaining processes and procedures’.
Furthermore, emotional disengagement among family members, a lack of perceived cohesion and rigid parental control and rules also correlate with youth violence.
By and large, American popular opinion has sought greater disengagement from world affairs since the Cold War.
It is one of the great, heart-rending anecdotes of musical history, but one cannot help wondering if Janacek's ability to go on composing while she expired shows only a profound emotional disengagement .