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disengage / выключать, освобождаться, освобождать
turn off, switch off, cut out, shut off, switch, disengage
disengage, get free, free oneself, fetch away
rid, free, exempt, release, loose, disengage
separate or release (someone or something) from something to which they are attached or connected.
I disengaged his hand from mine
pass the point of one's sword over or under the opponent's sword to change the line of attack.
In order to do a precise disengage , you need a precise parry.
I disengage it, frown at the watermarks, put it back in to finish drying, glare at the man whose print lay on top of mine.
Additionally, units may be forced to fight when attempting to disengage from the enemy, and only the largest or most mobile forces can do so with impunity.
The name of the attack is derived solely from the blade motion - for example: disengage , one-two, and so on.
Often, the driver forgets to disengage the flasher after it has served its purpose, resulting in further confusion since turning indicators are rendered useless.
If the range has an upper oven and fan, disengage the duct connection first.
If your lunge causes your opponent to react more than he is comfortable with, you will have the freedom to disengage anytime.
The government decided in 1959 to disengage from Africa as rapidly as possible after the next general election.
At no time during the campaign did the candidate discuss in an honest way the single most important issue facing the country: how to disengage from the war.
In order to do a precise disengage , you need a precise parry.
For peace forces to disengage from coalitions that do not yet have the perfect answers would be both wrong and tragic.