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disenfranchise / лишать гражданских прав
лишать гражданских прав
disenfranchise, disfranchise, corrupt
deprive (someone) of the right to vote.
the law disenfranchised some 3,000 voters on the basis of a residence qualification
The party's decline is a function of a deliberate and sustained attempt to disenfranchise the working class, which has provided the political basis for an unprecedented growth of social inequality.
Are you happy for our legislative to have free rein to disenfranchise you of your rights?
The North's new Electoral Fraud Act may disenfranchise some voters in the run-up to the Assembly elections, according to the parties there.
Listen to the radio, and there's the man talking about the racist plot to disenfranchise black voters during the election.
Well, let me just say throughout our history, and even recent history, there have been attempts, organized attempts to disenfranchise people across the board.
we strongly oppose any measure which would disenfranchise people from access to legal advice
a measure that would disenfranchise people from access to legal advice
But vote groups are concerned asking people for more information could disenfranchise legitimate voters on election day.
It was not to deprive, to disenfranchise people.
An estimated 4.6 million Americans currently cannot vote due to laws that disenfranchise individuals with a felony conviction, often for a nonviolent drug offense.