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disenchanted / разочаровывать, освобождать от чар, освобождать от иллюзий
disappoint, disillusion, disenchant, let down, turn off, have
освобождать от чар
освобождать от иллюзий
disabuse, disenchant
имя прилагательное
disappointed by someone or something previously respected or admired; disillusioned.
he became disenchanted with his erstwhile ally
free (someone) from illusion; disappoint.
he may have been disenchanted by the loss of his huge following
His people skills have been bolstered by a new bond with disenchanted voters.
The toiling masses are disenchanted in their national illusions; they are discouraged, discontented, angry.
A lot of us in the environmental movement are absolutely disenchanted with the old approach.
I had become massively disenchanted with the direction I thought education was taking.
Foreign policy professionals are thoroughly disenchanted with the current team.
Of course not everyone is disenchanted with our peerless leader.
Rather than walking out determined to help save wildlife, they go away disenchanted .
Landau is also not afraid to allow disenchanted Cuban citizens to speak their minds.
Many people are disenchanted with all of the mainstream parties.
Large swathes of the Protestant population are disenchanted by the peace process.