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disenchant / разочаровывать, освобождать от чар, освобождать от иллюзий
disappoint, disillusion, disenchant, let down, turn off, have
освобождать от чар
освобождать от иллюзий
disabuse, disenchant
free (someone) from illusion; disappoint.
he may have been disenchanted by the loss of his huge following
Not only will this serve to disenchant the employee, it may also result in him or her taking the time off anyway and phoning in sick or being on unauthorised absence.
At the same time, reports that the initial spurt in sales has not been sustained have created disenchantment in the market.
Of course, dark and disenchanted teenage angst has been packaged and marketed for decades.
But things went as before and once again the citizens were disenchanted .
This is partly why Europe's citizens are increasingly disenchanted and anxious.
To address the plot of the game… well, it's shaky, barely understandable, and for all intents and purposes disenchantingly boring.
It faces a big battle to win back the hearts and minds of these disenchanted people.
Faced with a worldwide boycott of British beef, authorities have disenchantingly persisted with face-saving reassurances, the majority of which are disproved with monotonous regularity.
It would be interesting to hear from those amongst us who are disenchanted with their current electoral options.
Many people are disenchanted with all of the mainstream parties.