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disembodied / расформированный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
separated from or existing without the body.
a disembodied ghost
separate or free (something) from its concrete form.
He believed that what he called our ‘modern technocracy ‘- the heir of Enlightenment rationalism which condemns humankind's religious dimension to the catacombs - ‘more than any other age tends to disembody man’.
On the soundtrack, disembodied voices form a chorus of simmering urban resentment, describing life on the streets and the widening gulf between rich and poor.
The loudspeakers played the gamut from opera to light jazz and disembodied laughter floated forward from the back of the bookstore.
The same message was echoed by a disembodied voice with metronomic eeriness.
His drawings are usually over in five minutes - all have disembodied figures sticking out of the ocean and shattered boats drawn in one dark colour - red.
She yelped and heaved her body backwards, and a gruesome, disembodied face appeared - the hand beating the glass.
The doors fly open after 10 minutes use, and a disembodied android voice intones ‘Warning!’
Like the wailing banshee who is a harbinger of death, the ghost cries out for a narrative context, since even the most disembodied ghost needs to be fleshed out with a ghost story.
I had to join this long queue, that snaked around a couple of times, and as each person left, a disembodied voice said, ‘Cashier number seven, please!’
A campaign for hosiery featured the standard disembodied , stocking-clad leg that Dali juxtaposed with his provocative iconography.
Ever so slowly she began to relax, at one with her body that had seemed disembodied just a while before.