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disembark / высаживаться, высаживать, выгружать
land, disembark, debark, alight
land, set down, disembark, drop, debark, drop off
disembark, unload, debark, checkpoint
leave a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle.
the passengers began to disembark
Fire and ambulance crews were put on alert but the 56 passengers and four crew were able to disembark via two exits down aircraft steps.
We watched the passengers disembark , then asked the steward for shore passes.
the passengers began to disembark
The camera fast tracks along a London train station platform as the passengers disembark and rush toward us.
the passengers began to disembark
You will travel for a while until you reach a waypoint, at which you will disembark from the ships and travel on foot to the stronghold.
You may stay aboard the ship all day or disembark at any stop.
Silently the friends drew into a group when the passengers began to disembark .
Hikers can be seen disembarking at the train station and marching in a line straight through town to the trails.
So they disembarked and began walking through the airport terminal corridor to a small waiting room.