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diseconomy / неэкономичность, отрицательный экономический эффект, ущерб
имя существительное
отрицательный экономический эффект
damage, prejudice, harm, detriment, injury, diseconomy
имя существительное
an economic disadvantage such as an increase in cost arising from an increase in the size of an organization.
in an ideal world, these diseconomies of scale would be minimized
This is, if you will, an inherent diseconomy of small-scale science.
The analysis examined the contribution of the expected external diseconomy variables of one firm on the cost function of the other firm.
This can actually increase average costs resulting in diseconomies of scale.
Because economic rationality recognises exchange-value only, these diseconomies become visible only when the deficit is translated into a form which simultaneously masquerades as wealth: economic demand.
It is upon this forecast that their calculations of economies, or diseconomies , of scope are based.
Indeed, to locate a firm on the periphery of a major metropolitan region is a way both to benefit from agglomeration economies and to reduce the diseconomies of central location.
Providing the capacity and durability together results in diseconomies of scope that offset the economies of scale in provision of capacity and durability.
According to the bulletin quoted above, large hospitals show diseconomies of scale.
The corresponding total cost functions can be graphed, displaying the regions of economies and diseconomies of scale.
Forcing pupils to change school would result in huge diseconomies , which would dramatically alter cost-per-pupil ratios in the non-denominational schools.