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discussant / участник дискуссии
имя существительное
участник дискуссии
discussant, disputant
имя существительное
a person who takes part in a discussion, especially an arranged one.
A core of invited extramural scientists will serve as primary discussants to address the conference objectives.
The most interesting work experience was having to be a discussant for three erudite papers the afternoon that I landed in Budapest.
Farnell was invited to be a discussant , but had to cancel plans to attend in person at the last minute.
There doesn't seem to be any disagreement about this among your discussants .
The entire group acts as the final discussants on the topic.
Depending on weather conditions, the discussants predicted, severe shortages of food and potable water could exceed the capacity of relief organizations to respond and might even stress international markets.
The discussants of my article have commented in a kindly manner and in the spirit in which my paper was originally written.
Of course, each of the discussants articulated these thoughts in different ways.
To determine how insightful our scholarly activity is for the professionals whom we study, the discussants will include working artists from the visual and performing arts.
Participants will be involved as discussants on issues matching their interest and expertise.
The discussants brought a good mix of backgrounds and experience to the table, and it was a very interesting evening.