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discursive / дискурсивный, непоследовательный, сбивчивый
имя прилагательное
inconsistent, incoherent, inconsequent, inconsequential, discursive, undigested
confused, discursive, indistinct
имя прилагательное
digressing from subject to subject.
students often write dull, secondhand, discursive prose
of or relating to discourse or modes of discourse.
the attempt to transform utterances from one discursive context to another
proceeding by argument or reasoning rather than by intuition.
Like Socrates, Russell saw philosophy as spoken and conversational, rather than written and discursive .
She is best when her discursive , rambling method strikes something eccentrically sharp and moving; not often in complete poems, though the sustained Lullaby here is a fine exception.
In other words, even though some individuals seemed conflicted, or torn between two incompatible discourses, their discursive practices were not found to be neutral.
But first, I will string you along with some largely unnecessary details presented in a rambling, discursive manner, so as to build suspense and fulfill my word quota.
The more lengthy and discursive notes of the original forces give way to a short, punchy, military style, often devoid of emotion.
Place may be an immediate, pre-conceptual experience, and its knowledge then is intuitive rather than discursive .
But over the past few weeks, I've felt that what I've written has neither provided interesting links, nor has it offered the discursive posts that I know I'm quite capable of doing.
In intuition, discursive reasoning of data is not singled out as a special phase.
Like Socrates, Russell saw philosophy as spoken and conversational, rather than written and discursive .
Independence movements are associated with working within the system, pushing up against its boundaries, with a discursive discourse to change consciousness.
Although we must be careful with the term postmodern, it would certainly make sense to see the above features in terms of hegemonic strategies, discursive formations, modes of regulation and regimes of accumulation.