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discreditable / дискредитирующий, позорный
имя прилагательное
defamatory, discrediting, disreputable, discreditable
shameful, disgraceful, infamous, scandal, dishonorable, discreditable
имя прилагательное
tending to bring harm to a reputation.
allegations of discreditable conduct
That is the one discreditable aspect of this election: the abysmal security situation.
Chaucer's exact source is not known, but it is clear that the friar tells it to enrage the summoner on the pilgrimage, who interrupts the narrative and rejoins with a scurrilous and discreditable story about a friar.
In such a case, the person has failed to show benevolence for morally discreditable reasons, and so has behaved badly.
Public assertions of such discreditable conduct threaten reputation and professional livelihood.
He sought - and found - a piece of suspect journalism to divert fire from his own discreditable role in the second dossier.
And where might such a discreditable and discredited figure be found?
It is, however, discreditable to defend the antics of high-profile people on the grounds that some of their critics have dubious motives.
But there are some examples here which suggest that obscure writing can be even more discreditable than that.
There is action on every page, not all of it discreditable .
And there is nothing in there about criminal conduct or discreditable conduct, even in criminal proceedings.