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discourse / рассуждать, ораторствовать, излагать в форме лекции
reason, discourse, hold forth, dissertate, dissert, descant
orate, discourse, perorate, speechify, declaim, spiel
излагать в форме лекции
имя существительное
speech, language, address, words, discourse, word
reasoning, discourse, rede
lecture, talk, discourse, reading, prelection, teach-in
имя существительное
written or spoken communication or debate.
the language of political discourse
speak or write authoritatively about a topic.
she could discourse at great length on the history of Europe
How, then, can we force a change in the media systems that dominate the discourse and misinform the debate?
the language of political discourse
I think this is about the quality of our political discourse .
There was scarcely a subject on which he could not discourse with humor and invention, from the depressive mood of the country to its other civic troubles.
Thus, we can identify strains of our current discourse in debates held nearly 40 years ago.
Imperialism is a term often used as a rhetorical flourish and definitions vary especially in academic discourse and social discussion tracts.
One can imagine the consequences to the political discourse .
she could discourse at great length on the history of Europe
The preservation discourse speaks to the practice of individual responsibility for maintaining health.
the language of political discourse