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discouragement / уныние, упадок духа, обескураженность
имя существительное
gloom, despondency, discouragement, dejection, depression, sadness
упадок духа
discouragement, despondency, depression, despond, droop, regression
let, obstacle, obstruction, barrier, hurdle, discouragement
имя существительное
a loss of confidence or enthusiasm; dispiritedness.
do not give in to discouragement
an attempt to prevent something by showing disapproval or creating difficulties; deterrent.
the discouragement of crime
I would advocate active discouragement of such appeals.
There is far too many who seem to believe they have a ministry of discouragement .
Such labelling has serious consequences for all members of the group concerned, often leading to discouragement .
the discouragement of crime
do not give in to discouragement
Their own families have never uttered a word of discouragement .
Each in turn rescued Matisse from deep discouragement by providing a way to kick-start his imagination.
the discouragement of crime
The South Korean government is also slowly changing its long-time discouragement of foreign participation in the economy.
do not give in to discouragement