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discord / раздоры, раздор, разлад
имя существительное
discord, dissension, quarrel, faction
discord, strife, contention
discord, dissonance, dissension, disagreement, disunity, disunion
расходиться в мнениях
расходиться во взглядах
discord, disaccord, dissent
не соответствовать
be not answerable to, disagree, discord
имя существительное
disagreement between people.
a prosperous family who showed no signs of discord
lack of harmony between notes sounding together.
the music faded in discord
(of people) disagree.
we discorded commonly on two points
But in the midst of this harmony, there are sources of discord .
After days of being nice and behaved he itched for some discord and strife.
Suddenly, Darcy pounded hard on the piano keys, producing a sound of discord .
This has led to much discord within the various cultures and ethnicities.
There is no doubt that they have gone from a generally happy time in the 1990s to four years of deficit, discord and disappointment.
the party's views were apt to discord with those of the leading members of the administration
Perhaps this is one reason society is plagued by so much family discord - with every conflict that arises, the first instinct is abandonment.
When you notice these vices - envy, discord , contention, quarrelling - chances are your place of work is in need of a spirituality for the work place.
Since the music unfolds within the set framework of the raga, there is more harmony and less discord .
the music faded in discord