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discontinued / прекращенный, остановленный
имя прилагательное
checked, discontinued
имя прилагательное
(of a product) no longer available or produced.
discontinued fabrics
cease doing or providing (something), typically something provided on a regular basis.
he discontinued his visits
The production of Kodachrome 40, better known as Super 8 film, is being discontinued .
Publication was discontinued in September 1917 by decision of the Central Committee.
They were not as hygienic as the metal ones and were eventually discontinued .
In addition, sellers will be able to quickly move overstocks and discontinued products.
The experiment and the books were discontinued after a year or so.
What a shame I picked it out of the discontinued item bin at Waitrose.
Older, discontinued examples of American made pistols are sometimes hard to find parts for.
At the request of regularly contributing artists, the Artist's Chronicle was discontinued in 1983 in favor of a reviews section.
This type of multi-dose presentation has been discontinued for all licensed plasma derivative products.
The difficulty lies in knowing why a line was discontinued .