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discontinue / прекращать, прерывать, упразднять
stop, off, cease, discontinue, end, quit
interrupt, discontinue, break, intercept, break in, cut off
abolish, annul, discontinue, vacate, cancel, annihilate
cease doing or providing (something), typically something provided on a regular basis.
he discontinued his visits
The director says they are faced with the grim prospect of having to discontinue services to the 600-plus people who sleep on the city's streets.
A spokesman, however, said on Monday that the government might have problems finding a legal basis to discontinue the project's budget even if its final decision was to have the project scrapped.
In any case, it will not discontinue any of the products of the companies it has acquired, according to a spokesman.
‘Currently, we do not plan to discontinue any other products,’ he says.
Dissatisfied consumers will discontinue the use of such services, as they would with any vendor.
The decision to discontinue participant recruitment after six couples was made on the basis of saturation of relevant themes, with couple six adding only one or two themes to each area of inquiry.
Forewarned, I wrote a letter to the company asking them to discontinue my service on the effective date.
The company had not indicated any immediate plans to discontinue the service.
A serviceman cannot change his station at will, nor can he discontinue performance of service duties or abandon his station without leave.
Around 450 of the 1,000 staff work in the relatively risky area of manufacturing, which was hit by the company's decision last year to discontinue one of its products.