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disconnected / разъединенный, отключившийся, отрывистый
имя прилагательное
disconnected, disjointed, disengaged, disjunct, discrete, disjoined
jerky, short, brisk, snatchy, brusque, disconnected
имя прилагательное
having a connection broken.
he expected the disconnected phone to start ringing
break the connection of or between.
take all violence out of television drama and you disconnect it from reality
It was as if no one was to blame - save for a disconnected phone line.
John, an English expat who practises an obscure form of spiritual therapy, lives and works surrounded by musty books, bottles of vodka, and a disconnected telephone.
And afterwards, I was left with a straight flush of surreal, striking, disconnected impressions and memories.
The odd, unexpected rhyme can come like an oasis in a desert of disconnected thought and jarring line breaks.
The imagery and camerawork are almost painfully beautiful, while the disconnected narrative deliberately withholds closure.
Brought forth in the programme are images that encompass and translate the diverse emotions of the disconnected people.
It made me vaguely nervous to see it there, so close, though in a disconnected type of way.
They gave me one phone number which I had checked out, turned out to be a disconnected phone number of a textile mill that had gone bankrupt.
I arrived home to an eviction notice, no electricity and a disconnected phone.
But I think we can be a disconnected , impatient and lonely people.