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disconnect / отключать, разъединять, выключать
disconnect, deactivate, open
disconnect, sever, dissociate, divide, separate, disunite
turn off, switch off, cut out, shut off, switch, disconnect
break the connection of or between.
take all violence out of television drama and you disconnect it from reality
имя существительное
a discrepancy or lack of connection.
there can be a disconnect between boardrooms and IT departments when it comes to technology
And nothing causes more of a disconnect between theory and truth than unexamined a priori assumptions.
In January a similar move to disconnect non-payers caused outrage when businesses across the city were put out of action.
I made a mental note to disconnect the machine next time he called.
There is a profound disconnect between what we are told everyone wants and what people in the region actually want.
Ricky and Fred are addicted to TV, so the lonely ladies of the house decide to teach them a lesson and disconnect the antenna.
Part of the disconnect , here, seems to be cultural.
Turn off or disconnect appliances or electronics you were using when the power went out.
My original gripe was with the lack of diversity and the total disconnect of the media with its public.
In the coming months, the potential for a disconnect between voters and the policies of the new government's leaders is enormous.
Perhaps the answer to the disconnect between stated parental goals and educational outcomes lies in the culture's traditional suspicion of education.