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discompose / расстраивать, волновать, взволновать
upset, unsettle, detune, disturb, thwart, discompose
excite, disturb, agitate, ferment, stir, discompose
inflame, alarm, touch up, discompose
disturb or agitate (someone).
she looked a little discomposed as she spoke
Penelope supposed that she shouldn't have poured the tea on her like a child and instead said something cool and witty to discompose Evelyn.
I suddenly felt myself somewhat discomposed ; my heart beat rapidly and I had a choking feeling in my throat.
I found him this morning somewhat discomposed . His wife and her mother and sister were to arrive yesterday by the morning train.
He is too shrewd to be discomposed by such conversation.
I had been discomposed enough before; but I was so much the more discomposed by this unexpected behavior, that I was on the point of slinking off, to think how I had best proceed.
Isis eyed her, not used to seeing Raine so discomposed .
‘Thank you,’ Hale sputtered in his own discomposure .
For the second time that day I saw him discomposed .
Manda felt her face flushed at her discomposure .
He sighed, slightly relieved to have escaped their self-righteous wrath, but also a bit discomposed .